Imperative Launch on World Environment Day 2022


The urgency around genuine, high-impact climate action is greater than ever. Failure to take decisive action this decade will result in a truly catastrophic climate and biodiversity disaster.

We believe that high-quality carbon offset projects have an important role to play in achieving a Paris Agreement-aligned climate trajectory, a “just” climate transition and in addressing the growing global biodiversity crisis.

We also believe that, through the lateral importation of best-in-class know-how from adjacent industries, and with an unwavering focus on action, we can make a real contribution to both the scale and quality of the carbon offset projects market.

To this end, we are a mission driven, boots-on-the-ground business focused on bringing excellence to carbon offset project development and operation and on producing ultra-high quality carbon offsets. We bring together multi-decade experience in carbon and conservation projects, carbon markets, major project execution and emerging market, cross-border structuring and finance. In order to drive the largest and best possible climate, sustainable development and biodiversity outcomes, we are focused on emerging markets and on project types with the greatest opportunities for scale.

Working closely with high-integrity partners, our mission is to design, develop and operate the highest quality carbon projects in the world and to optimize those projects with technology.

If you are interested in taking action with quality and velocity to create a better future, then please come and join us on this journey!

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June 5, 2022

Scobie Mackay


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