Imperative is committed to driving a Just Climate Transition.

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Imperative is committed to driving a Just Climate Transition.

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By focusing on emerging markets, we can achieve our goals of a Just Climate transition

  • Imperative is committed to driving a Just Climate Transition. While significant capital and expertise is available for climate projects in developed countries, there is a shortage of capital deployed at scale into overlooked communities in Emerging Markets and Least Developed Countries (LDCs).  We aim to change that: Imperative is focused only on emerging markets as the loci of greatest need and greatest positive impact.
  • We believe that high-quality project are projects that generate real, sustainable and transformative benefits for local communities.  We have a collective opportunity to leverage the carbon markets to not only assist in the fight against climate change but to drive improvements in prosperity for some of the worlds least advantaged people.

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Strategy – Emerging Market Focus
Why Emerging Markets

Imperative is focused on Emerging Market, including LDC* projects, for several reasons: 

  • Impact: Emerging Market and LDC countries are where we can have the greatest positive impact from an SDG perspective
  • Additionality: These are the locations where project additionality is clearest
  • Need: Emerging Markets and particularly LDCs do not have the economic means or technical capacity to execute the required projects
  • Economics: these jurisdictions are where we can get the most avoidance or sequestration outcomes per dollar invested
  • Biodiversity: much of the biodiversity co-benefit opportunity exists in these markets

* LDC = Least Developed Countries

Imperative’s Commitment to Driving a Just Climate Transition

There is no shortage of capital and expertise for developed market deals.  What is needed is genuine deployment at scale into Emerging Market and LDC overlooked communities.